~ We also offer piercing at Bloodline Dynasty. Naelah is the only piercing artist at the shop currently.
~ All piercings start at $30!
~ Our piercings are done with starter jewelry which are stainless steel & hypoallergenic. This jewelry allows room for swelling during the healing process.
~ Piercings are done by walk in basis only.
~ $10 Piercings! Every Monday! ***Limited Piercing Options***

Piercing List:

  • Nose…..$30
  • Septum…..$40
  • Belly…..$30
  • Industrial Bar…..$50
  • Ear Lobe…..$30
  • Tragus…..$50
  • Exotic Piercing…..$100
  • Lip Piercings…..$50 each
  • Nipples…..$30 each

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