Tattoo Aftercare

Bloodline Dynasty Instructions:

– The most important things for your aftercare is keep the tattoo clean & moisturized.
– Make sure to wash your hands before touching or applying ointment to your tattoo.
– Do not go swimming or submerge the tattoo for long periods of time the 1st week of healing.
– Do not have long periods of direct sunlight on your tattoo the 1st two weeks of healing.
– Clean the tattoo before & after working out.
– We will apply a bandage to your tattoo right after completing the piece. You can leave the bandage on up to 24 hours to keep it protected. Do not exceed 24 hours.
– You do not need to wrap your tattoo with anything after the 1st bandage is taken off. Leave it open the the air & it will heal quicker.
– Once you take off the bandage wash the tattoo really well with soap & warm water.
– Use any form of unscented soap, anything all natural is the best without chemicals or fragrances. Fragrances usually have alcohols in them & can dry out the skin during he healing process.
– For ointment you can use all natural products (cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil) or unscented lotions. Please stay away from petroleum based products (No A&D, Vaseline, Neosporin).
– Once the tattoo starts peeling do not pick or scratch at it.
– Your tattoo may take 2-4 weeks to heal depending on many factors.

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