Quinten Harper

Quinten Maxwell Harper was born September 4th on the westside of Detroit, MI. He was raised by his mother and grandparents who encouraged his artistic ability from an early age. He kept his attention on art throughout high school and developed a love for black and gray realism, especially in the form of portraits. After school he put his pencil down for a wrench and begun a early career as a CNC machinist. There he would make connections that would later lead to him being introduced to the tattoo world. Not soon after getting his first tattoo he was on the other side of the machine back doing what he loved the most, creating beautiful artwork.

Now almost 10 years into a fruitful tattoo career. Q still enjoys a good black and grey piece of art. “Tattooing was completely off of my radar, I had no idea I’d be 33 years old doing what I love for a living.” Outside of tattooing, Q has twin daughters who he adores and enjoys weight lifting in his spare time. He hopes that his tattoo career and his new found love for fitness will allow him to continue to create and inspire for years to come.

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