Krissy The Butcher

Krissy The Butcher

Hi beautiful people!
I’m “Krissy The Butcher” I am a tattoo artist extraordinaire that has been tattooing since 2009. I am absolutely obsessed with any and everything tattoo related. I have been in the tattoo industry for my entire 20’s so I am definitely dedicated to the lifestyle. I don’t believe that I have a specific style, I will pretty much try any style. I switch between black & grey realism and highly saturated color depending on my mood and the particular client.

The name “The Butcher” usually both intrigues people and scares them at the same time. The name started off as a nickname from a few of the artists that I worked with in my first shop. I was a teenager when I first started in the tattoo industry, very young and innocent looking with barely any tattoos. So the guys kept an ongoing joke going like “She looks so cute & innocent. She is probably in the back butchering bodies!’ lol “The Butcher” has become somewhat of an alter ego & it fits the sharp personality I use when in the shop.
I am the co-owner of Bloodline Dynasty and a natural born leader so whoever works in my tattoo crew will be taken care of. I just want all the artists around me to be in a comfortable & safe environment to create beautiful works of tattoo art. I also am a member of The Ladies of Ink, which is a group of black female tattoo artists. We travel to 8-10 cities every summer & kick ass & takes names while we do it! So if you are not able to catch me in Michigan, I may be coming to a city near you for the Ladies of Ink tour dates.

~ During the Ladies of Ink Tour in 2018, at the Houston Tattoo Arts Convention I brought home the 1st place trophy for large black & grey piece on a female!!! I’m proud to represent for black female tattoo artists everywhere!

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