Book An Appointment

Please look through each artist’s portfolio to see what style of art you gravitate towards.

From there check the box of the artist you would like to get an appointment with, describe the tattoo you would like to get & the location it will go on your body.

Each artist prices differently. $100/hour, $150/hour or flat rate depending on who you pick.

***All appointments require a deposit. All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE! (We are not taking walk ins for tattoos at this time) 

Any minors getting tattooed/pierced, meaning anyone under 18 years old,  you will need a valid picture ID (school ID is also allowed) , birth certificate & your parental guardian with an ID to come in & sign for you! NO EXCEPTIONS! 

If you are 18 years old & older you will need a valid state ID to get serviced as well.

This is a very hectic time for us. Please be patient with the response. Give us a few business days to get back to you.

Thank you for your support!